Sunday, December 5, 2010

The Future of Dave Cockrum's Futurians

A number of you have written and even more have hit this blog via keyword searches (yes--we can see you; Google cuts both ways).

The wheels on the FUTURIANS move slowly. There's 20 unpublished, tightly pencilled pages of The Futurians by Dave Cockrum sitting on my desk and inquiries and interest from a number of major comics' publishers to roll-up existing (previously published Futurians' stories) into one BIG book. And there's still the half-interest of occasional Hollywood vecks. Paty Cockrum owns all of the originals and rights to everything so it's not complicated legally, just a question of what we want to do, and with who. Or is it whom?


Richard said...

The pencils look great too. Classic Cockrum at his very best

Anonymous said...

To me, the X-Men have always been and will always be Dave Cockrum and John Byrne. I stopped reading the comics soon after Brent Anderson took over. Although I love Anderson's work too, the X-Men just weren't the same. The only decent drawing I saw of Wolverine after Cockrum and then Byrne left was when Cassady drew him in Astonishing X-Men. If there's anything of Cockrum's out there, there's nothing more truly Cockrum than his outer space work. The type of freedom of inventiveness that the Futurians represents is quintessential Cockrum. The whole Shi'ar deal was absolutely Cockrum's height of creativity, also (if you ask me). I hope this sees the light of day and that Dave, through, can give another lasting testament to caring for Paty.