Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Pork Rage

Thousands of pigs are expected to protest at the White House tomorrow against recent comparisons to former correspondent Helen Thomas. "Pigs aren't vicious," said one of the organizers. "They just like to root around in their own shit and eat it."


Karl said...

Wow this is the ugliest woman i have ever seen. Crazy bigot

James said...

That's some mean spirited blogging there Cliff. I thought you were better than that...maybe reflects on the stuff about Gene and Adrienne, on the same scroll. Take the higher road maybe. Don't post this, just remove the stuff about Helen Thomas. It's offensive and stupid.


It disturbed me that non-bigoted, four-legged pigs were compared, unfairly, with Helen Thomas. If Hitler’s dog had looked like her, he’d have shaved its ass and taught it to walk backwards.

James Romberger said...

Oh, I see. Disagreeing with a political opiion is best imlemented by attacking the appearanced of the opponent. That's what passes for discourse now. We all will lose our battles with gravity, you included. I understand you've had a bad month....still, I was checking this site for updates on Gene but these Thomas posts are tainting the reportage of his already unbearable sufferings. I guess I'll get updates elsewhere.


When did I say that I disagreed with her about anything? I thought it was important to call attention to her appearance, which, frankly, is a miracle of modern neglect. Even the maggots won’t eat that.

Anonymous said...

James--You should look deeper and ask yourself why you are defending this woman. --Amy

"If you have missed the true, revealing richness of [Meth's] implications, then consider this an urgent reminder--a rap on the knuckles--to read it again."
- Robert Bloch

Mike P said...

Hi, James--

How is such a virulent, insensitive and bigoted anti-Semitic statement like Thomas's a "political opinion"?
She wasn't talking about the Israeli government, she was talking about JEWS. As in a group of people who believe in a certain faith.

Was Al Sharpton's comment about "Hymie Town" also political? What about Don Imus's comments about black women? What if she said all Christians should be thrown to the lions?

And what does Cliff's opinions have to do with reporting on Gene and Adrienne? The title of the blog is "Everyone's Wrong and I'm Right", not "Strictly Tasteful Updates Only On People You Care About."

Methinks thou dost protest too much, my friend.



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