Friday, June 12, 2009

Name Dropping at Twitter

Taught Marv Wolfman how to tweat today. He'll be sorry... Spoke with Peppi Marchello of the The Good Rats about our secret project... Bought strong beer but have no one to share it with except my 14-year-old.

Dreamed last night that I had become irrelevant. Then woke up and half of my integrity was gone.


Elayne said...

Cool, you taught him how to tweet and I taught him how to blog! :) (Well, almost, he was already doing it, I just helped with some of the coding and whatnot. I think.)


Teaching him to tweet was like placing a stumbling block in front of the blind. That animal has zero value that I can see, but it sucks you in until you realize that.

Visited Andy Kaufman's grave last Sunday at Beth David on Long Island (I was there for a yahrzeit so it was zero effort). Made me think of Bill-Dale. The parallels are so obvious.

How's by you? Send my love to Robin.