Saturday, June 13, 2009

Bullying Policies. Again.

A full 18 months after the incident, I still get email and comments about the great Kushner Academy fiasco that spawned this very blog. Like this one from Lawrence Duplessis:

"Thank You Mr. Meth. Your son's adventure has given me some hope. I've been seeing signs in my son's school of like treatment by some of the kids and an equal amount of ignorance from the school. My son is five and has just finished junior kindergarten. He attends an international school here in Indonesia. I teach at the same I see the administration's foolish-posturing from two very frustrating sides. The school pays lip service to the problem of bullies, but offers no real solutions. Your solution was eloquent and timeless. Having dealt with bullies as a kid, and as a teacher, I know the best way is for the kids to sort it an "as socially-acceptable" way as possible. I'll try to keep an eye on my son's progress and step in when I'm needed."

Teach him to fight, kimusubi. It will be easier than teaching him to hold back once he's capable.

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Wayne Duplessis said...

Wyatt will be taught how to handle himself.
If someone doesn't want their little angel to get a rap in the nose, then they'd best teach them not to bully others.