Thursday, June 25, 2009

George Harrison, my 1st Hero

“Everyone has choice
when to and not to raise their voices.
It’s you who decides.”
--George Harrison ("Run of the Mill")

Those words, elegant in their simplicity, were a clarion call to this small voice when, as an adolescent, I first encountered the quiet Beatle’s messages of responsibility to spirit and self. Years later, those same seeds strengthened my resolve in writing and releasing stories like “I, Gezheh” and “Wagging the Rebbe” and, more recently, “Wagging the CEO” (in BILLBOARDS), to say nothing of fighting certain battles.

Noting that a new retrospective of George’s songs has been released, I revisited the ALL THINGS MUST PASS LP this morning and came away, as always, cleaner and emotionally wrung out. I cannot recommend this album more highly...This message has been a public service announcement brought to you by the Spiritual Sky.


Elayne said...

One of my heroes as well, at least in some respects. Wish he'd been able to keep Little George in his pants more often. But by all accounts he'd settled into nice monogamy with Olivia, and Dhani is carrying on hislegacy beautifully. Robin's psyched to get this new record as well, although we pretty much have all of Harrison's stuff. Always a delight when it comes up on my iPod's random shuffle.


I heard it was Big George.