Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Somebody loves me

I'm in Los Angeles for the next few days for meetings but awoke this morning to a startling review of my book One Small Voice (IDW Publishing) at Art Blog by Bob.

Meth’s film noir-esque, combative spirit energizes his writing. “Turn the other cheek: The battle cry of the slapped,” he writes. The meek may inherit the earth, but Meth inherits the legacy of writers such as Vonnegut in his clear-eyed take on life, love, and god, if there is one. Meth’s writing seems perfectly suited to the short format used in One Small Voice. Longer exposure would be overwhelming. Meth in small doses acts like homeopathic medicine, poisoning you just enough to make you better and stronger.

There's a lot more to the review which you can read here.

Of course the danger in accepting a reviewer's praise means I must also consider taking the guy who called Snaked "a dead platypus laying in the middle of the road" seriously, too. Right, doctor?

Mr. Meth, I see our time is up.

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