Thursday, April 17, 2008

Celebrity Sightings

As Ted Adams mused over lunch, it wouldn’t be Hollywood without at least one celeb sighting. We were sitting in my favorite Beverly Hills restaurant, The Milky Way, which is owned and hosted by Steven Spielberg’s mother, the lovely, petite Leah Adler, who, at 88, could have retired years ago. But Leah likes to meet and greet everyone who comes in the restaurant. “Your son’s worth $2 billion and he still makes you work?” I always tease. Like she’s never heard that before (like every mutton head with delusions of drollness who asks me if I have a sister name Crystal… but I digress). We’d just started our meal when a guy in a baseball cap walked in.

“Does that look like Steven Spielberg?” I asked my one of companions.

“Nah. Looks like someone trying to look like Spielberg.”

I took another gander. “You think every Spielberg look-alike hugs Leah like that?”

I got up and asked Leah for an introduction... and Steven was as nice as can be.

Also ran into Josh Olson while having coffee at CAA. Does that count, Josh?


Anonymous said...

Only to my mother, Cliffy. Only to my mother.


With my old aunts now making kreplach in heaven, you are the last one calling me "Cliffy"...

It was good to see you, Josh--however briefly.

Anonymous said...

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Mike P said...

What the hell, Cliff? Started out great and then--bam! Where's the rest of it? Dish, dish!

Mike Pascale (who's humbly had storyboards approved by Mr. S...Thanks!)