Sunday, June 23, 2013

My Pal Harlan

As announced earlier, a number of comics pros, authors & rockstar pals are interviewing lil old me as a sort of turnabout-is-fair-play thing to promote my new book ComicBook Babylon. Most significant of these is now the inclusion of the one man who history will hold up to prove that giants once walked the earth, Harlan Ellison.

Cliff: If by some unfathomable miracle you could come into sole possession of only one "book" from the long-lost, oft-torched Great Library of Alexandria, what book, papyrus, scroll, codex or glyph would that be?  What would you conjure to be its content, and authored by whom?
With love, your eternal pal, Harlan 

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Richard said...

Wow, what an interesting question. It calls into query the reason one writes, and reads. Is it history, philosophy, religous, entertainment, or self exploration? Would you grab your favorite book? Or one you felt was important to be kept and passed on? What if this book was the only book you could carry? It sounds like a challenge for a story moreso then a question of 'what's your favorite book?' It would fall between things that affected me, (Le Morte 'Arthur) to favorite Scifi (I Robot, I have no mouth yet I must scream) To books that changed the way I thought (The man in the High Castle) to Pure Entertainment (Anything by Mr. Met, or Mr. Jim Butcher) What an interesting question. I bet Harlan Ellison is a great guy to have a few brewskis with in smoky dive bars