Sunday, June 23, 2013

Countdown to ComicBook Babylon

There's eight days left to participate in my project ComicBook Babylon, which has been a long time coming. Introduction by Stan Lee, art by Michael Netzer, rants by Meth.

I have an all-star cast throwing support to this book including Jimmy Palmiotti, Don McGregor, Dan Jurgens, Bob Layton, Adam Troy Castro, David Lloyd and David Gerrold, to say nothing of participation from punk-rock legend Andy Shernoff and rock maestro Peppi Marchello.

If you haven't done so already, please watch this two-minute video.


RAN Write-ups said...

This is a bit of a side-bar subject

It was nearly 20 years ago in Wzard #25. You mentioned Dare Devil comics would increase in value.You also stated "certain high-glitz titles will barely be worth the paper they're printed on several years down the road." Wow,look at online comic sources worldwide: High-glitz names are selling for $.99
DD comics and graphic novels are in more demand now, plus the price has increased. Yes I still own that Wizard issue, you're still an incredible writer I can see. Congrats in all your success!
Peace, Keith A Kornegay


Thanks for the nice note Keith!