Thursday, July 28, 2011

Gene Colan Tribute at NY ComicCon

New York ComicCon has asked me to chair a tribute panel to Gene Colan at this year’s convention. As such, I spent the early part of this evening chatting with Johnny Romita Sr., Tom Palmer, Joe Sinnott, Roy Thomas and Don McGregor. Everyone loved Gene and has wonderful memories they’d be delighted to share—it’s really just a question of who will be coming to con. I’ve also reached out to Walter Simonson and David Lloyd, who I believe will have unique perspectives on Gene’s influence. Stay tuned.

Pictured: David Lloyd, Hank Magitz and Gene Colan at NY ComicCon 2010


Doc V. said...

Great news, Clifford! I certainly will be in attendance!

Bira said...

Hi, Clifford, how are you?
I follow your blog, but didn`t know Ohdannyboyblogspot
Nice blog, I loved it!
I've done a caricature of Master Gene Colan, if you want, you can publish it...
Here is the link:
Or you can dowload a bigger file in my caricatura Blog.
Best regards from Brazil

Jay said...

That sounds like a great panel shaping up. Giants! In praise of another giant. Very fitting.

I won't be able to be there myself but maybe it'll turn up on youtube or something, or at least a transcript somewhere.

Anonymous said...

Jews for Cheeses. LOL