Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Orphans Reunion Tonight!

The Orphans, those late-1980’s post-garage-rock wunderkinder hailing from Rockaway, New Jersey and Parts Unknown, will be reprising their frenetic pop-Rockaway-rock experience tonight only at The Black River Barn in Randoph, New Jersey. Fronted by Hank Magitz (vocals, rhythm guitar) and Jim Reeber (vocals, keyboards) and featuring Rich “what are the chords?” Grunes on lead guitar, the Orphans last appearance was at CBGB’s in 1989.

Rumor has it that Moshe “Tok Sho” Morgenstern, an original member of the flab four, will be sitting in on bass. “It wouldn’t be the same without Morganstern—we'd be in tune,” quipped Magitz in a rare phone interview this morning from his home in Parts Unknown.

“We expect all of our fans to turn out for this long-awaited event,” said Reeber, who has spent the last two decades fronting New Jersey’s Own Hoi Polloi. “We’ve reserved a table in the back for them.”

The Orphans disbanded in 1989, shortly after their fabled CBGB’s appearance, when Morganstern elected to pursue a solo career, which led to the hideous state of unemployment he now finds himself in. “If you’re not willing to die for your art, or at least kill for it, you’re just another gut worm,” said a bitter Magitz to Rolling Stone at the time of the band’s breakup. Magitz, who refused to revisit the bitter momment in this morning's brief interview, has a new book that will be available in March.

The Orphans will be taking the stage tonight after 10:30. Everyone should be good and drunk by then.

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Anonymous said...

I'll find some way to be there... I was at the CBGB's show and was blowen away!
Uncle Dave