Saturday, December 19, 2009

And Then The Locusts

A brief note.

I am still recovering from a kidney infection and brush with pneumonia. My stent was removed Friday and three hours later I was beset by bladder spasms, which caused fever and agony to rival the kidney stones. Thank G-d for Codine; I ate three-times my prescribed dosage. It was either that or a 9-mm bullet.

This evening, I began urinating baby blue, a side effect of the Prosed TM I find this curious after seven days of urinating, exclusively, crimson (and the 48 years prior of, exclusively, yellow).

The Levaquin TM continues to turn my stomach to puree of bat feces.

My oldest son tells me to eat yogurt. He says this while drinking beer.

Kelley, an old friend, keeps sending me smart-ass text messages, reminding me that it could be worse--after all, there's a new collection out from my old friend Kurt Vonnegut and in another time and place there will be government regulated fiction.

And tomorrow, the locusts.

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