Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Bru-Hed Joins First Wave On Kindle

This news just in on one of the better cartoonists still tromping about in the comics industry, my pal Mike Pascale:

Traditional comic books have finally joined the thousands of books available on Amazon's popular Kindle e-reader. However, the largest players, Marvel and DC (publishers of Spider-Man and Batman, respectively), are so far nowhere to be found. Instead, readers can find a small selection of alternative publisher fare, a few even produced by a single individual rather than the usual "assembly line" of mainstream comics.

One such comic that just became available is Bru-Hed's Guide to Gettin' Girls Now! by Mike Pascale and his Schism Comics imprint, celebrating its 10th anniversary of last publication. The comedic B&W, 28-page (including covers) comic books, first published in paper form in 1997 (volume 1) and 1999 (volume 2), are now uploadable to the Kindle for a fraction of their original $2.50 cover price.

"This was a no-brainer," explains writer-artist Mike Pascale. "I was alerted to the possibility by Pete Bickford of the dominant online comic-book marketplace Atomicavenue.com, who educated me about the format and inherent opportunity. Since the big mainstream publishers' titles are in color, they're probably waiting for a color version of the Kindle. But for independent black-and-white comic creators like myself, this is an ideal way to get my characters and comics to the masses on a level playing field at an affordable price."

The "e-comic" features various single- and multi-page gags showing the big-headed, beer-drinking sexist Bru-Hed offering advice on picking up women, which often lands him in various stages of trouble. The character appeared briefly on MTV, the Sci-Fi Channel, and The Tonight Show with Jay Leno. Contact Mike at mikep@tvboardz.com

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