Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Gene Colan: Update

This just in from Adrienne Colan: "Gene's developed an infection in his blood. He still can't speak right and hard to stay awake. so much pain in his neck they've gone from percocet every 8 hours to every 6 hours which could be the reason why his speech is off and [he's] tired. They're not sure that the pneumonia is responding to the antibiotic. Fever down, but still coughing and blood infection now. They're not not promising a date as to when he'll be home. His spirits remain happy and enthusiastic."

Adrienne asks that people don't bother her today; she's exhausted and has too much on her plate.


Pete P. said...

Cliff, thanks for being as diligent as you can be in keeping us Geneophiles updated. It's greatly appreciated.

Unknown said...

Cliff, please let Gene & his family know a lot of people are thinking about him. Thanks for the update.

DOuG pRATt said...

Last November, when I was at the Big Apple show (aka: the National), I needed to talk to Adrienne to make sure something had arrived.

I told Steranko I'd be talking to Gene later in the day. Steranko knew Gene was ill, and he was very very concerned. He wanted me to tell Gene that he's the world's #1 Gene Colan fan. We all know Steranko, and if he said it he meant it. Gene was genuinely touched by what Steranko said.

Please let Adrienne know that my thoughts and prayers are with her and Gene. Thanks.



Doug--Please send my best regards to Jim S. Tell him I'm still his biggest fan.