Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Gene Colan Hospitalized

Gene Colan is back in the hospital, which is always serious for someone his age. He was taken to Mt. Sinai Hospital yesterday morning and may be home by late Wednesday-early Thursday. He has pneumonia in his right lung behind his heart and there's the possibility of infection.

I am announcing this so you can add your prayers to ours, but I must insist that his wife Adrienne NOT be inundated with emails and phone calls right now. Post messages to the Gene Colan board at Yahoo but do NOT start calling her now--she is exhausted and has enough to deal with.

Well-wishes can be sent to Gene Colan, 2240 Burnett Street, #5D, Brooklyn, NY 11229.

I will vigilantly update this blog with further news.


Pete P said...

Since you're busy with more important things, I'd figured I'd dig up the link to Gene's Yahoo group for you:

Pete P said...


Since you have more important things to take care of right now, I figured I'd help out by pointing people to the link for the Yahoo group/board for Gene: