Thursday, December 4, 2008

BruHed vs. JR

From the "we read your mail" department... JR (late of Rosemary's babies) responds to artist Mike Pascale's comment on the Septimus Orion re-dux CAGED art by Dave Cockrum:

You don't see this as the creative interpretation of art? I know, spray painting graffiti on a Matisse canvas is not creative interpretation, it is an act of defacement. I agree, and the cover of this CD is not defacement. It is making a point. Most importantly, the colored version of the work without the title CAGED plastered over the mouth is on the third panel of the insert; with muzzle in place, however. Are you referring to that as well? Because the version with the muzzle represents certain aspects of Cliff's story, as well as better fitting to other contours of the work; it is simply more appropriate than the original. Where is your respect for the evolution of art as a tool for contemplation?

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