Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Big Yellow is Watching

But who is Big Yellow? And why should you give a damn if it's watching? And what's this have to do with the eroding price of camal shit in Arabia?

More Dave Gutierrez art from Billboards pictured here. I can't wait to see this book.


Mike P said...

Me neither!

--Mike P

Unknown said...

Ancient scholars trace the Hebrew word for "Yellow," TZOO-BAH, to a Jebusite prince named TU-BLOND. Legend has it his hair turned yellow because he didn't send his second cousin a scan of the only known picture of their great grandfather. The RAMBAN or maybe his brother the CRUMBUN taught this is why the Jebusites were amongst the nations that got all the oil while the Israelis got the KNESSET.

By the way, I think there is a spelling error in the phrase "camal shit (sic)." I'm not sure which word is mispelled because my line got the looks, not the abilidy to spel.

Happy Chanukah!