Thursday, December 25, 2014

Good Advice from Mickey Marchello

It's blue I tell ya!
Everyone's been hungry for an update on the Peppi Marchello book that Aardwolf Publishing committed to shortly after Peppi passed. What better time?

The book is fully laid out and we're just re-arranging some photo and graphical elements now… Still waiting on Mickey Marchello's finished Foreword, but I speak with Mickey several times a week and it's coming along.

And Mickey received my own introduction "A Little Twisted," which, after three decades of writing about the Rats' officially and unofficially, is the best piece I've produced on my pal Peppi. Speaking of producing, you should hear the music that Mickey's been coming up with lately! But I digress…

Mickey wisely suggests that sharing the unfinished book with anyone until it's 100% done is a mistake. We're taking that advice. He related the following:

"So Peppi would call me and say, 'Did you see what I sent you? I think it should be blue but I know you're gonna say red.' And I'd say, "Pep, I didn't even see the fuckin' thing yet and you're already fighting with me about it?' And he'd say, "I knew it! I knew you'd say red! Well we're keeping it blue!' And I'd say, 'Pep, I don't care if it's blue or red. You decide.' And he'd say, 'You do this every time, Mickey. It's blue and that's final!' And then he'd hang up angry… Then, the next day, he'd call and say, "Mickey? I think you're right. We should go with red.'"

"This book is your vision, Cliff. It's my brother's lyrics but it's your book."

Well, yes and no. Someone has to make the hard calls and take the heat but we've had tremendous help from the fans, Cathy Marchello, and from Mickey. Our designer Richard Sheinaus has delivered a gorgeous design, too. Can't wait to share it with everyone.

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