Saturday, August 2, 2014

The Death of the Book Chronicles (and Why I Dig Adam-Troy Castro)

The author Adam-Troy Castro is always worth reading… Even his Facebook posts:
"This is your book? How do you get a book? Did you paint this front cover?"
"No, I wrote the words."
"So people would read them."
"Who painted the front cover?"
"Some artist."
(Flipping through pages) "Wow. These are a lot of words."
"It's an average length book."
"People pay money for this?"
"Because they want to read it."
"They read all these words?"
"Is it a story?"
"Like in a movie?"
(Long pause) "Did you make it up?"
"Yes, I'm not allowed to put my name on a book unless I made it up."
(Excitedly, flailing about for some relevance) "Will it be a movie?"
"There's none planned at the moment, no."
(Lost) "Okay."

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