Thursday, June 12, 2014

Steve Ditko is Alive and Well and...

It's funny how people react when you tell them you know Steve Ditko. Their eyes sort of pop out, or they go slack jawed. It isn't pretty.

I've had those reactions for years and years, when all I ever did was have a correspondence with the venerable and clearly legendary artist. And then I saw that same reaction today when discussing Ditko with artist Bob Wiacek, who clearly knows Steve better than I do. Only this time, it was my jaw that unhinged.

So, anyway, I called Steve this afternoon to say hello, and it was a brief conversation but rewarding. His mind is sharp and he's fascinating and we didn't even talk about Ayn Rand.


Jack C. Harris said...

Steve is 100% normal. He just likes his public to look at his work, not his personal life.
--Jack C. Harris

Russ Maheras said...

About 10 years ago, I had the privilege of visiting his studio twice and spending about two hours each time discussing a myriad of topics. For one visit, I took a big stack of his published material, laced with post-its, and asked him if we could go through it so I could ask him questions about either the art or the context. He graciously agreed. In retrospect, I think he found it as interesting as I did.