Sunday, April 6, 2014

Harlan Ellison Gives Comic Book Babylon a Rave Review

I've been waiting 35 years for the letter I received last week from Harlan Ellison regarding my latest book. He writes (and I am ossified to read):
I found COMIC BOOK BABYLON an imperial hoot. Have now read it three times, and Susan has read it once. It takes me time to read it, because every name you drop, every anecdote you tell, sparks drift-rememberances of my own...and I pause...and I think...and I smile or frown. It is an Aladin's treasure cavern of piquant down-low and memory. It is--as you well know, you schmachler--one helluva book! And I am dead-chuft to be in it. As always, you are a mensch and a Solid Brother! All love from us here in the Trembling Terrain, to all of you there in the Apple Vicinity. Yer pal, Harlan
If you haven't ordered COMIC BOOK BABYLON yet, I urge you to do so. AardwolfPublishing continues to offer the hardcopy with a guarantee of delighted or your money back. It's also selling fairly well via Amazon for the Kindle, but I make pennies on that and, let's be honest: holding a book in your hands is nicer than holding a Kindle.

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