Friday, February 8, 2013

Dave Cockrum & Gene Colan Updates

Many of you have noticed that more comics from the Estate of Dave Cockrum, as well as some of Gene Colan's file copies, are now being sold on Ebay. And if you haven't noticed, come take a look. There's some terrific collectibles at great values, and proceeds help finance the Dave and Paty Cockrum Scholarship, as well as the newly established Gene Colan Scholarship, at the Joe Kubert School for Graphic Art. I miss Dave and Gene and Joe very much. Harlan Ellison (he should live and be well) warned me that having older pals would be painful one day. It's painful now. I've lost too many.

I will be creating a NEW LIST of available items (books, comics, original comic art) and posting it here soon. These items will be available before going up for bid on Ebay or ComicLink or one of the other auction sites. These days, my charity work is limited to these scholarships. Wish I could do more for others but I am limited in resources.

Even if you are no longer a collector or comics or comic art, please share this blog with others on FaceBook or wherever you virtually hang out. Paty Cockrum sends her love to everyone. Gene's son Erik says hello. I say hello. And Saints Dave, Gene and Joe are looking down or sideways and giggling  at how much fuss we continue to make about them.



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