Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Russ Heath: CGC Sketch Opportunity

Joe Kubert asked me to work with Russ Heath and boy am I glad he did. Russ, at eighty-something, is still turning out the highest quality art... and at prices that are rediculously low. He is doing a limited number of sketches that I am witnessing for CGC's signature series. Interested? Contact Chris Seminara at cseminara@akibia.com. There won't be a lot of these.

Here's a few that are available now:
1. Capt. America with plane - $270 (sold)
2. Capt. America large bust with gun - $225 (sold)
3. Weird Capt. America battle scene with horse - $220 THIS IS THE ONLY ONE LEFT!
4. Capt. America w/ skeleton-like face leading the charge - $250 (sold)

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