Sunday, March 6, 2011

Dan Henderson: Love Hurts

I've crowed about Hendo before, but seeing him climb the mountain and capture Strikeforce's light heavyweight title at age 40 raises him to mutant madman status, earning him that rare and special love I have for warriors like Rick Lenchus and Randy Coulture. My son Benjy tells me Hendo's fighting bums now but I don't buy it. Comparing Strikeforce's top guns to the UFC's may be like pitting the Doom Patrol (or maybe the Metal Men) against the Justice League of America with Superman, but you know what they say about any given Sunday. And watching Hendo lay out Michael "The Mouth" Bisping some years ago was up there with a Bukowski reading. So feed this lion anything he needs to keep his roar, baby. There's kryponite in that heavy right. Saturday night, Strikeforce's reigning 205-lbs. champion Rafael "Feijao" Cavalcante met Dan Henderson for the first time. More acurately, his jaw met Hendo's right. Henderson, the two-time Olympian wrestler, former UFC tournament champion, and two-division Pride champion, is now Strikeforce's light heavyweight king of the hill.

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