Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Bob Milne, RIP

By way of Dave Maliniak, I just learned that our mutual friend and former colleague Bob Milne has passed away. Dave forwarded an email to me from our colleague Lucinda Mattera:

Tonight I received a call from David Marshall who is the neighbor living across the street from Bob Milne. He told me that Bob had passed away unexpectedly this afternoon... Bob has not been feeling well for some time, ever since his atrial fibrillation became permanent a couple of years ago--but he managed somehow. About a year ago, he was informed he needed to replace one of his heart valves. However, he required extensive oral surgery beforehand to treat a serious oral infection. It took Bob many months to complete this dental work, then he had difficulty coordinating events with all his doctors and caregivers for the open-heart surgery.In the ensuing months, his neighbor told me, Bob began to suffer from congestive heart failure. A few days ago, he had great difficulty breathing and was rushed to the hospital. His doctors used cardiac catheterization to implant a stent and open a blocked artery. He was discharged today and wanted to stop by his local CVS on the way home to pick up his medications. He died suddenly right in the store... I will miss him, especially all his insights into computers and the Internet. Bob was a very intelligent fellow who knew how to write quite well. He had a wonderful sense of humor and a terrific wit. I will remember how he often made me laugh and amazed me with his sharp observations. Farewell, Bob. I hope there are computers and test instruments in the afterlife, so you can continue to enjoy tinkering with them. -- Lucinda Mattera

Bob was a warm man with warm insights. We lost track of each other sometime after I left Electronic Design but I remember him fondly. Named a character in one of my stories after him. You don't usually get that unless you're a villain.

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