Sunday, January 16, 2011

The Green Hornet: This Is What I Was Talking About

That idiot Richard Saperstein, the producer who's scrupulous rectitude leaves much to be desired, is likely hounding his current screenplay writer (like he used to hound me) to change everything he's penning in mid-stream to read like the new Green Hornet film because that's what hacks do when something hits. But this was exactly what I was trying to do with Snaked, my screenplay which was based on my comic book series from IDW Publishing (which I see they've turned into something you can download now). Mix action with the right comedic tone and snappy dialogue and boom: That's entertainment.

The new Green Hornet film is the real deal--a perfect blend of laughs and action. Seth Rogen adds depth and charisma to a potentially flat character while Jay Chou makes the Kato role his bitch. Even the soundtrack was smart.

Move over Iron Man: This was the best super-hero film I've seen yet.

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"The new Green Hornet film is the real deal--a perfect blend of laughs and action"

because the Green Hornet is the story of a dumb fat comedian who grumbles and stumbles his way through life. are there any american action stars left? Can anyone pull off a good comic-book hero script? If we keep getting these terrible goofball Comic book movies the studios will stop making things like THE DARK KNIGHT