Saturday, April 10, 2010

Gene Colan Update: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

First, the Colan family appreciates the overwhelming show of concern for Gene at this time. I apologize that I can't keep up with the personal emails regarding this matter; details that I am allowed to report on will be left here at this blog.

Second, Gene now has an attorney. I am working with him and the entire family to safeguard Gene's health and privacy. As such, we ask bloggers not to circulate unfounded rumors. Wait for the facts.

Someone got their hands on Gene's personal phone book and placed anonymous calls to Gene's friends (among them Stan Lee, Harlan Ellison, Walter Simonson and myself) telling half-truths and attempting to stir the pot and make matters worse. Bad move. The police and Gene's lawyer will handle this in time.

Gene was not mugged.

Gene's injuries are serious but not life threatening. He is in good spirits. But unless you are a close friend of his who he has personally reached out to, now is not the best time to disturb him. As promised, I will show him comments left at this blog and deliver personal letters to him emailed to me. Gene does not have internet access; his sight is poor and he was never one to email, so don't take unreturned emails to him personally.

For those of you concerned about The Invincible Gene Colan books that you've ordered, see my recent post at this blog. If you're concerned regarding artwork that you ordered from Gene, email me privately at -- Use your brain: Now is NOT the time to inquire about new commissions; Gene cannot work again until he recovers. Only contact me if you've paid for something that was not delivered and include payment information. I will deliver your information to the appropriate parties.

Why am I reporting on this? Because Gene and his son and daughter asked me to; we hope to stop missing artwork from hitting the marketplace, and to end rumors that were already circulating from other sources via email regarding Gene's injuries before I made my first post.

I will continue to update this blog with progress reports.


Anonymous said...


please send Gene our thoughts and best wishes for his recovery

Oded Ilan & Family

Chris said...

Wishing a swift recovery to a man I consider the best comics artist of all time!

kem said...

An "old" friend, Kem, and son Jake wish Gene a speedy recovery, and please call when you feel up to it.
Kem and Jake. Manchester