Saturday, November 14, 2009

Joe Jusko Weighs In On Marie Severin

Mentioning Marie Severin always seems to bring in the email. Everyone loves her and adored her art and was more than eager to participate in my stalled book (I have Stan Lee's foreword to the volume in my drawer gathering dust... for shame!)

Joe Jusko, the premiere painter of covers and cards, dropped me a note that shouldn't be buried in the fine print of comments:

Marie is an incredible talent and one of the nicest people I've ever met. She did the layout for my very first Marvel cover (which in my 18 year old arrogance I altered to a much weaker composition). To have the chance to do that over!

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Mike P said...

Great comments from a great artist. Both Joe and Marie are class acts.

Thanks for the post on Marie--you can add me to the gang of those who have trouble deciding which we love more--her artwork or her!

I wish her the best and hope that someday a book as nice as your soon-to-be-released one on Gene will materialize--preferably while she's still around to appreciate it.

Mike Pascale (who used quite a few Marie-inspired gags and such in BRU-HED.)