Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Meet The Good Rats

As Dr. Bristol points out, had they started in the age of the Internet and You Tube, the Good Rats would be a household name, but they arrived too soon. Or they were too good. Or too hairy. Too something. Peppi Marchello and The Good Rats headlined arena shows in the NorthEast and got airplay, but they just didn’t explode like they deserved to. No one I know can figure it out. Everyone in NJ, NY--every Met fan, Yankees fans, Giants fan--was a complete Rathead. Anyone who saw them play was hooked forever.

But the old, original Good Rats are still alive and well, still playing reunion shows and making people crazy. And Peppi Marchello and his new Good Rats are still knocking people out as they make the rounds at local clubs.

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