Sunday, September 14, 2008

Arab Terrorist Stabs 9-Year-Old

My friend Moshe Goldsmith from Itamar, a beautiful settlement in Israel, just informed me of a distressing story you won't see on CNN.

This past Shabbat, a terrorist infiltrated the nearby settlement of Yitzhar and stabbed a nine-year-old boy after setting fire to a house in the community. Thank G-d the boy survived the attack [despite] having been stabbed numerous times in his back.

Today, some Arabs set fire to the Itamar forest intending to burn down some of our houses that border the forest area. The army verified our account of the story. This of course did not stop the media from bad mouthing us as usual... This year alone, tens of times the neighboring Arabs have fire bombed our fields and caused fires in our community's surroundings.


Tim said...

I'm not going to get into the whole Israeli-Arab situation, but stabbing a NINE YEAR OLD CHILD is even MORE COWARDLY THAN ATTACKING A WOMAN.
You got a fight, then pick it with a man, not a child. Disgusting.
Clifford, you have been over there and I have not. I am not a Jew, but there MUST be some way that those people can live in PEACE. What is your opinion?
We can't just "kill em all and let God sort em out" (BTW, why do a lot of Jews spell God "G-d"? I don't think merely mentioning him is somne kind of sin, is it?).
You obviously wnat to talk about this, so help this gentile from Detroit (where we have our own problems dealing with race) understand why, after 60 years, this is still unresolved. At least in Detroit is it "down to a certain level" and not completely out of control.


We don't write G-d's name fully in case it should be later destroyed or defamed. It's symbolic.

Shanidze said...

It's an interesting fact that the media is hiding such stories.

I'll dare and joind Tim's question, don't you think you Jews and the Arabs should find some peaceful resolution? I ask it cause I know you have many ways of peaceful resolutions in both, in Torah, and in Quran (like in the New Testament).

And one should understand before hating Arabs - what does Lord want from us, peace or masacers like this? We shouldn't be affraid of being the first one to stop killing and start forgiving.


"You Jews," he says.