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Help Izzy Meth Make Music: Books/Comics Sale

My son Izzy Meth writes:

If I told you all I ever wanted was to play music, it wouldn’t be true because I also wanted to play baseball. But I’ve been playing drums since I was 8, guitar since I was 12, and then learned piano and bass. My songs are now being released on all digital streaming platforms... 
To get to the next level, I need to spend money on promotion, so I’m now giving music lessons (inexpensively) and I am available to play on people's tracks. Also, my father, author Clifford Meth, is running a sale... I don’t want gifts or donations—I want to work. If you like my music, you can help by following me and one day coming to see me play… In the meantime, please see if there’s anything offered that you can use. You have my sincere appreciation and I hope to bring you music that will last a lifetime!

The following items are being sold to raise funds to promote Izzy Meth Music. Please email me the list of any item or items that you'd like and I'll send you a total with shipping. My email is Thank you for your kind consideration:


Spider-Man card (Fleer Ultra Masterpieces) signed by Stan Lee $125 (we only have one)

Stranger Kaddish – Short fiction from Harlan Ellison, Neil Gaiman, Peter David, Bill Messner-Loebs, Clifford Meth, Mike Pascale, Ilan Stavans and Walter Cummins; illustrated by Janet Aulisio, Messner-Loebs, Paty Cockrum, Pascale, others; cover by Dave Cockrum – 82-page trade paperback - $13.95

The above book (Stranger Kadish) can also be ordered with a STRANGE KADDISH bookplate signed by Harlan Ellison (publisher's copy) total for the book and signed bookplate is $38.95

Aardwolf #1 (comic, 1994) the first Aardwolf Publishing offer, with art by Dave Cockrum, Paty Cockrum and Marie Severin (cover by Gray Morrow) - only $3.95 

You can also get Aardwolf #1 with a ltd. edition parchment bookplate signed/numbered by Dave Cockrum, Gray Morrow, Paty Cockrum and Clifford Meth - the cost for the comic and this signed bookplate is $18.95

Aardwolf #2 (comic) stories by Robert Bloch and Clifford Meth; art by Dave Cockrum and Marie Severin - only $3.95

You can also get Aardwolf #2 with a ltd. edition parchment bookplate signed/numbered by Marie Severin - the cost for the comic and the signed bookplate is $14.95

BAMF: The Art of Dave Cockrum (art portfolio; 9x11, saddle-stitched short print) rare - $19.95

You can also get BAMF with a ltd. edition bookplate "3 Tenors" bookplate signed by Dave Cockrum and Wm. Messner-Loebs - the cost for the art portfolio and signed bookplate is 29.95 

SNAKED #1, #2 and #3 (full set) by Clifford Meth and Rufus Dayglo (IDW Publishing) comic – this story was optioned for film rights by Weinstein Company President Richard Saperstein - all 3 comics signed $11.95

SNAKED graphic novel (Clifford Meth and Rufus Dayglo) (IDW Publishing) collects SNAKED #1-3 (full story arc) and includes new introduction by Gene Colan and additional illustrations by Dave Cockrum and Rufus Dayglo - signed - $17.95

Futurians #0 – comic book written by Dave Cockrum and Clifford Meth, illustrated by Cockrum; only 1000 printed - $4.95

You can also get the above book with a very limited-edition Dave Cockrum bookplate (drawn by Neal Adams and signed by Neil Gaiman) - The cost for this comic and signed bookplate is $38.95

The Futurians Return – graphic novel - Dave Cockrum’s final story – illustrated by Cockrum, inked by Bob Wiacek and Robin Rigg. Introduction by Neil Gaiman and additional pin-ups from Jae Lee, Bill Sienkiewicz and Ricardo Villagran – Only 800 printed. $14.95

You can also get the above book along with a special limited-edition bookplate signed by Bill Sienkiewicz - the cost for the book and the signed bookplate is $28.95

Rich Buckler: Artist and Comics Creator– art portfolio, B/W, with introductions by Jim Steranko and Roy Thomas – $14.95 

You can also get the above book along with a limited-edition bookplate signed by Jim Steranko - the cost for the book with the signed bookplate is $27.95

Kracked Kranium: The Don Perlin Art Portfolio – B/W, with introductions by Bob Layton and John Romita Sr.  Limited to 200 prints – $14.95 

You can also get this book along with a very special original drawing of Werewolf by Night by Don Perlin -- there's only one copy with original art - cost is $125

Perverts, Pedophiles & Other Theologians– Clifford Meth’s breakthrough dark-fiction collection (chosen by Barnes and Nobles as “horror pick of the week”) – features a gorgeous cover and illustrations from Gene Colan; introduction by Steve Gerber (trade paperback, 100 pages) signed $9.95

Perverts, Pedophiles and Other Theologians – Worlds of Westfield limited bookplate edition - Same as regular edition (above) but with a tipped-in bookplate signed by Gene Colan and Clifford Meth - $20 

Balm in Gilead (hardcover) – Beautiful short-fiction collection from GooseTree Press edited by Clifford Meth with stories from Harlan Ellison, Robert Silverberg, Dan Mishkin, Marv Wolfman, William Tenn, Owl Goingback, William Messner-Loebs and Clifford Meth; illustrated by Neal Adams, Jeff Jones and others. Introduction by Stan Lee and painted cover by Michael Kaluta. 105-page deluxe hardcover, short printed (only 400). $28

 The Uncanny Dave Cockrum (deluxe, prestige hardcover published by Marvel Entertainment) Edited by Clifford Meth, includes essays and art contributions from a veritable who’s who of the comics world, including Harlan Ellison, Alan Moore, Stan Lee, Neil Gaiman, Chris Claremont, Roy Thomas, Marv Wolfman, Neal Adams, Sergio Aragones, Frank Brunner, John Cassady, Gene Colan, Miker Deodato, Will Eisner, Dave Gibbons, Joe Kubert, Jim Lee, Tom Palmer, George Perez, John Romita, Marie Severin, Walt Simonson and Herb Trimpe - signed/numbered (only 1000 printed) - $39.95

Comic Book Babylon– An eye-opening and ofttimes unflattering peephole into the dirty workings of the comic book ‘industry’ by Clifford Meth with an introduction by Stan Lee and illustrations by Michael Netzer; 358-page trade paperback. Harlan Ellison calls it, "One helluva book. I read it twice."  - signed $22.95

Comic Book Babylon (deluxe bookplate edition) – same as above but also comes with a tipped in bookplate signed by Gene Colan - $32.95

The Invincible Gene Colan (hardcover, Marvel Entertainment) beautiful, shrink-wrapped art portfolio with written contributions from Gene’s peers. 132-page hardcover, full-color - $24.95 

You can also get the above book with a special limited-edition bookplate signed by Gene Colan for $34.95 total

 Meth, Colan and Other Theologians – anniversary edition of Perverts, Pedophiles and Other Theologians includes new introduction essays from Marv Wolman, Mark Evanier and Gail Simone (along with Steve Gerber’s original intro) and an additional story from Meth/Colan – 148-page trade paperback (only 500 printed) - $15.95

 Conflicts of Disinterest – Short fiction by Clifford Meth illustrated by Alex Toth, Dave Cockrum, Mark Badger, Mike Pascale, Paty Cockrum, Dave DeVries, and David Boswell – introduction by rock and roll legend Peppi Marchello; cover by Jeff Amano (94-page trade paperback) short-printed $11.95

The Three Tenors: Off-Key– illustrated oddball stories by Dave Cockrum, Bill Messner-Loebs and Clifford Meth with an introduction by Dave Sim and a “finale” by Tom Spurgeon; additional illustrations from Al Milgrom, Steve Lieber and Paty Cockrum (138-page trade paperback) extremely short print - signed by all three authors - $22.95

METHo.d.– dark fiction from Clifford Meth illustrated by Michael Netzer, Steve Lieber, Al Milgrom, Paty Cockrum, Earl Geier and Jordan Raskin – cover by Jim Streranko and introduction by Peter David (100-page trade paperback) -- includes signed tipped-in bookplate  - $16.95

Crib Death: The Babysitter’s Companion (softcover, 84 pages) – earliest stories by Clifford Meth (1995) illustrated by Dave Cockrum, Marie Severin, Paul Abrams, Bill Messner-Loebs, Rob Orzechowski, Paul Abrams, Paty Cockrum and Mike Witherby; cover by Joe Linsner; introduction by Tony Isabella - signed $9.95

Crawling From the Wreckage – Clifford Meth (trade paperback, 80 pgs., 1996) cover by Joe Kubert, Foreword by Gene Colan; illustrations by Colan, George Perez, Dave Cockrum, Nelsen deCastro, Joe St. Pierre, Ron Wagner and Bill Messner-Loebs - signed $9.95

god’s 15 Minutes – Collects Clifford Meth’s first five books into an oversize, deluxe trade paperback with new foreword and story introductions by Harlan Ellison, Robert Bloch, Al Feldstein, Steve Gerber, Roy Thomas, Bill Messner-Loebs and rock and roll legend Andy Shernoff; illustrations by Gene Colan, Marie Severin, Joe Sinnott, Dave and Paty Cockrum, Gray Morrow, George Perez, Herb Trimpe and others; painted cover by Mike Kaluta - signed $23.95

Want a book or two (or three?) - email 

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