Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Comics' Soft White Underbelly

I've had warm and generous responses to Comic Book Babylon since its release as an e-book for the Kindle and other platforms. Want one? Visit Amazon by clicking here.

The physical paperback can be purchased from Aardwolf Publishing. Visit the Aardwolf site if you'd like one. There are still signed/#'d copies available.

This blog entry will be a repository of links for press about the book. Thus:

The Real Heroes and Villains in Comic Books is an in-depth review from the excellent writer Bob Duggan at

You Might Come to Comic Book Babylon for the scandal, but you'll stay for the people is an insightful review from Jack Abramowitz on

Bob Layton on Meth is an interview courtesy of Westfield Comics.

Dan Jurgens on Meth is an interview courtesy of

Pop Culture Hounding Cliff Meth is a podcast on BleedingCool via Chris Thompson - a long and fun broadcast interview

The Comic Book Babylon Facebook page (join us!)

Booksteve Reviews Comic Book Bablyon

Observing Comic Book Babylon: Cliff Meth Speaks for the Old Guard (courtesy of

Review of Comic Book Babylon at

LibraryThing Review of Comic Book Babylon

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