Monday, September 16, 2013

The Goods Rats: A Phoenix Without Ashes

I've never experienced anything quite like yesterday's Good Rats' show at the Jefferson House. It was much more than a tribute to the departed Peppi Marchello.

Comparisons with his father will abound for some time as Stefan Marchello and his power trio forge their own path—a path that, yesterday, was built on numbers from the Beatles, Nirvana, Black Sabbath and Led Zeppelin, to say nothing of 20 Good Rats’ classics—but those of us fortunate enough to be at The Jefferson House in Lake Hopatcong, NJ, yesterday witnessed something that can only be described as startling.
This was the birth of a new band, a testimony to the stage-smart, charismatic and extremely gifted musician Stefan Marchello, who at times sounded eerily like his father did decades ago, and at once sounded like himself. Well deserved kudos to drummer Michael Brenna and keyboardist Dan Smiraglia; nary a weakling in the lineup.

Our friend Peppi is in Heaven now. But the Good Rats are still young and vital. Put this band on your watch list, my droogs. 

And while I have your attention, take a gander at the new Kickstarter for Peppi Marchello: Song Writer

(photos courtesy of Mary Reilly-Brenna)


ZomMommy said...

So happy Stef is continuing on, carrying Pep's legacy...he's been a friend for many years, and I look forward to supporting him and the new lineup for years to come. Who have they got on guitar and bass, Cliff?


No guitar. Stef on bass.

Michael Brenna said...

Being the newest member of this phenomenal family, It has been my honor to be taken under the wing of a master of not only music, but life itself. I've found this to be the most valuable lesson learned in my 16 months of intense study with Peppi. He left us far too soon, yes. However, to be chosen to continue this body of work he left us is an honor that cannot be described by words. Thank You Stefan, and the entire Marchello family. Rest assured You have my undying loyalty,and commitment to help continue The maestro's unfinished portrait,and Thank You Clifford Meth for all you do. Peace and Love. Mike B.